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The Wicklow 200 is run by theIVCA.


2009 Wicklow 200 News

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2009 Wicklow 200 - June 16th 2009 - Well done

Hi All,
Well done to all who completed the 2009 Wicklow 200, whether you did
the 200 km or 100 km route, hope you have all recovered from your

1,900 riders set out from UCD Belfield at around 7:00 a.m. The weather
smiled on us yet again as saturday's rain died away overnight.
The only problem was the head wind on the return journey from Rathdrum.

From the forum we see there were a few problems during the day.
We will be looking at the overall event with a view to
making improvements in the organisation and enjoyment of the day.

We still have a number of items that were left behind so if you are
missing anything please email

If this was your first attempt at the "Wicklow" why not keep up the cycling
and have a go again next year.

Next year's event will be on Sunday June 13th, so make a note of it in
your diary.

I still have some photos left to put up on the website, should have them
all up by the weekend.


2009 Wicklow 200 - June 2- 2009 - Parking in UCD

Hi Again,
Just a few reminders for Sunday.
Rules of the Road:
You must at all times obey the rules of the road including TRAFFIC LIGHTS.
Gardai will be on patrol and have asked us to point out the importance of
obeying the rules of the road.
Remember your safety is your responsibility so please take care.

Parking in UCD:
There will be ample parking in UCD in designated areas. Our stewards and
UCD security staff will be around to assist in parking.
Cars parked in non designated ares will be clamped. Last years release fee
was 80.00 euro so check where you are parking.

Please remember the following:

* The Wicklow 200 is not a race, so don't let your competitive urges
lead you to dangerous or reckless riding.

* The event is held on open public roads, so every rider MUST
obey the rules of the road. In particular this means staying on your
own side of the road, obeying traffic lights, and being courteous
to other road traffic.

* Most accidents on the Wicklow 200 occur on descents. Please
descend carefully, and encourage those around you to do the same.
Watch out for potholes on roads especially on the descents and sudden
sharp corners.

* Your behaviour during the Wicklow 200 has a big effect on how
the general public think of cyclists. Please be courteous on the road
and at the checkpoints. It only takes 1 or 2 riders to act stupidly to
cause complaints and comments.

Please do as you are requested by the Gardai and the marshalls.


2009 Wicklow 200 -June 1 - 2009 -Bike and rider

Hi All,
With just days to go to this years "Wicklow" it's very important
that both you and your bike are in peak condition for the Wicklow 200.

For your bike this means a full and careful service, checking
(and replacing if necessary) tyres, brakes, and wheels. Check all the
wheel spokes, clean and oil the chain, and make sure your tyres are
inflated to the recommended pressure (you'll find it written on the
side of the tyre). One of the main causes of frequent punctures is
under-inflated tyres. Unless you're confident that you can do the
service yourself, get it done at a good bike shop. Go for a short
ride on the bike after the service, to check that everything is ok.
As we've already reminded you, put two bottle cages on your bike and
get two large bottles to go in them.

Make sure that you will have with you a toolkit that contains at least
a set of tyre levers, two new spare tubes, and a puncture repair kit.
You may also want to include one of those all-in-one bike tools.
And of course, don't forget a pump. Although we will have two mechanical
crews out on Sunday providing service for mechanical problems,
the Wicklow 200 covers a very large area so it could take a long time to
get a crew to you if you need it. It's best to try to avoid mechanical
problems in the first place. By the way, while the Wicklow 200
mechanical service is free, any replacement parts that your bike may
need will not be free. You will have to pay for any parts on the spot.

For yourself, getting into peak condition over the next few days means
rest and food. Get an early night every night, keep any bike rides
very short and easy, and eat and drink sensibly. Make sure that
you're fully hydrated by Sunday morning. Even slight dehydration
has a significant effect on your energy output, so drink lots of
water during Saturday, and continue to drink regularly during the
event on Sunday. Don't wait until you feel thirsty - sip from your
bottle regularly.
The weather looks like it will be a repeat of the last few years on
the wicklow, dry with some sunshine, but you never know so best to be
prepared for anything.

We're looking forward to seeing you all at the crack of dawn on
Sunday morning!

2009 Wicklow 200 -May 2009 - Closing date

Hi All Wicklow cyclists,
As we continue to put the arrangements for 7th June in place, entries are
pouring in at an ever faster rate. One effect of this is that we've fallen
a little behind in sending acknowledgements for postal entries.

Within the next two weeks we will also begin posting the rider's pack to
each entrant. The pack will contain your control card, pin-on number, and
instructions and information for 7th June.

If you haven't entered yet for the 2009 Wicklow 200/100, you should do it
soon. Entries will close on May 12th, that's just a week from today.

Please keep a check on for information on where the
check-in is located, there is a map showing the location and where to park.

There will be refreshments at the finish in UCD, as well as a medal
and cert so please remember to check-in.

Hope your training is going to plan, don't forget you can ride whichever
event you like on the day, the 200 K or the 100 K.

2009 Wicklow 200 -April 2009 - Closing date

Hi All,
With the 7th June fast approaching and entries building now is the time to
enter if you haven't already done so.
To facilitate postage of registration cards and numbers entry will
close on Tuesday May 12th. To avoid disappointment get your entry in now.
Is your bike in good order? Don't forget to have it checked out, cables,
brakes, spokes, tyres and tubes.

Once again Powerbar will provide a drink station at the top of
Slieve Maan during this year's Wicklow 200.
The Powerbar team will be providing water and energy drinks for riders
at a critical point on the route.

The climb is not particularly long, and only about 250 metres of ascent,
but it always poses a serious challenge for riders.
The Powerbar drink station at the top will provide extra incentive to get
up there, and will provide the energy to continue to the next checkpoint
in Rathdrum. This year sees the introduction of the climb up Glenmalure
or as it's known The Shay Elliot and coming immediately after
Slieve Maan it will be difficult.

The checkpoints at Donard and Rathdrum will provide tea / coffeee /
sandwich as usual and there will be refreshments at the finish in UCD.

Details of the registration area in UCD will be published later.

That's about it for now, good luck with the training,

2009 Wicklow 200 -April 2009 - Nutrition and Hydration

Hi Again,
At last the weather is improving, a real Wicklow 200 day today!
Hope your training is going well and you are feeling the benefit.
Chris Simpson of the Leinster Sports Clinic has written an article
on Nutrition and Hydration for us.

"As before my advice on nutrition and hydration for events such as the
Wicklow are based on sports science but adjusted for what I have found
works for me, the club athlete.
The following notes are a starting point from which to base your fuelling
strategy, while identifying some of the key components and looking at
some of the myths.
As with training etc. this subject area is so huge all I can provide
here is a brief overview of some of the main points."
You can read the full article on
Chris also has 2 other articles on training, these are accessible from the
website as well.

Cycle safely,

2009 Wicklow 200 -March 27th 2009 - Clocks

Hi All,
With the 7th June fast approaching, only about 9 weeks now, entries are
coming in and the list is filling up. So to make sure of your place
why not enter early and get it out of the way.
The clock goes forward by one hour this Saturday, March 28th, and the
evenings get longer so get some evening miles in to help with your
Some of you may be thinking of doing the other route from the one you put
on your Wicklow 200 entry form, and wondering if you're allowed to change
your mind.
The answer is that no matter what you put on your entry form, you can
choose to do either route without telling us in advance. We only asked you
which route you intended to do so that we can get a rough idea of how many
will do each one. You don't have to make up your mind finally until you
get to the point in the road where the two routes separate
(a few miles after Enniskerry).
A couple of people have put groups on and you can access
these from Might be of interest if you are looking for
people to train with.
If you are coming from the UK Stena Line have some discounted fares.
You can check these via


2009 Wicklow 200 -March 2009 - Map My ride

Hi All,
At last, we got round to putting the 200 Km and the 100 Km route
on map my ride.
You will find the link to the maps on
Hopefully you won't, but if anyone finds an error in either please email
It's back to the cold weather again, at least we didn't get any snow in
the eastern part of the country so traing should be going ahead full steam.

It's only 3 months to the 7th of June so enter early and be
sure of your place.

Is your bike in good condition, don't leave it till the last week or so to
have it serviced.

Regards and safe cycling,
David Blake,

2009 Wicklow 200 -February 2009 - 200 route

Details of the 200 route are now on the website.
If anyone has been over the Sally Gap would you let me know if it is
clear of snow, it should be by now.
Here's hoping you've been out cycling in this dry spell and
clocking up the miles.
If anyone has any item of interest maybe you would email it to for inclusion in the website.
Safe cycling,

2009 Wicklow 200 -February 2009 - Weather

Even though we've had a few bright sunny days the roads across the Sally
Gap are still blocked with snow, at least they were last tuesday.
As we attempted to drive round the 200 route we had to turn back before
we reached Sally Gap, as you'll see from the photos on the website.
However we did have a welcome break at the Glencree visitor centre.
There is a coffee shop here serving snacks and lunches and cyclists
are very welcome.

If you fancy a few hours cycling in Wicklow but don't want to cycle
from home this would be an ideal spot to park the car and take off
for a traing spin. You can get more info on the
Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation
at their website -
We did manage to drive the Wicklow 100 route and Kilometre details
of it are on
Details of the 200 route will be on the website shortly.

2009 Wicklow 200 - January 2009

Hi All,
Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are getting back to the normal
routine. If like me you've been off the bike due to frost and flu
take it easy when you do get back, though it might not be for a few days
yet as this cold spell continues.
As you will have seen entry for the 2009 Wicklow 200 is now open.
You can enter online or by post.
Print the entry form on the website and send to the address on the form.
If you are looking for accommodation on the weekend of the event
UCD have rooms available for 40.00euro per single room per night.
Contact them at

The leinster Sports Clinic have some V02 fitness test available
at the reduced rate of 90.00 euro if you are interested in getting
a training program.
They can be contacted at 086 2118537 or

Regards and safe cycling in 2009,
David Blake,
Wicklow 200

2009 Wicklow 200 - December 22nd 2008

Hi Wicklow cyclists,
The IVCA and organisers of the Wicklow 200 would like to wish you and your
families a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year.
Thank you for your support in 2008 and we look forward to seeing you
on June 7th in UCD.
Entries are open for the 2009 Wicklow 200 and we will keep you informed
of our plans as we get organised.
Keep a check on for info about the event
and tips for training.

Keep up the cycling,
David Blake and all at the Wicklow 200.

2009 Wicklow 200 - Novemver 29th 2008

Hi All,
Entry for the 2009 Wicklow 200 will be open from Monday Dec 1st.
Enter early, don't leave it till the last minute and find entry is closed.
It is a great help to us organising the event to have entries in early.

As it is coming up to Christmas perhaps you have someone who would like
entry to the Wicklow 200 as a gift.

The Leinster Sports Clinic are offering 90 Vo2 tests at the reduced
rate of 90.00 Euro. To avail of this offer you must have entered the
Wicklow 200, you will need your transaction confirmation number.
There is a link to the Leinster Sports Clinic website on

What is a Vo2 max test?
Vo2 max testing measures how effectively the body consumes oxygen
during exercise.
It is a measure of a person’s maximum ability to transport oxygen
from the air, and deliver it to active muscles.
You will find more info on Vo2 test at

Admin at Wicklow 200

Welcome to the 2009 Wicklow 200 / 100. - Oct 06 2008

Welcome to the 2009 Wicklow 200 / 100.
As has become custom in recent years, the route for the 2009 event once again shows some alterations from last year.
The principal changes are as follows.

(1) From Sally Gap to Hollywood by way of Kilbride - Blessington Lakes, (leaving out Lugalla and Wicklow Gap.) This brings us back to the West Wicklow terrain which was a standard part of all the earlier events.

(2) From Drumgoff Bridge to Rathdrum by way of the mountain road, commonly referred to by local cyclists as Glenmalure or the "Shay Elliott". This is new territory for us and is probably the only remaining climb of note in Wicklow that has never featured.

Donard and Rathdrum remain as the main checkpoints and we plan to have intermediate "watering holes" at Kilbride and Slieve Maan.
A map on will make it plainer and we intend to publish a full description of the route, with intermediate distances in the near future.

The route for the Wicklow 100 remains the same as 2008.

We hope those of you who rode the 2Wicklow" for the first time in 2008 have kept up the cycling and we look forward to seeing you in 2009.


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