A1 Coaching Partners With Wicklow 200

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Top Coaching Service Provides Training Plans for Event Entrants 

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As riders begin to hone their fitness ahead of the big day just under three months from now, we can announce that top coaching agency, A1 Coaching, will provide specifically designed training plans for entrants to the Wicklow 200 and Wicklow 100.

Since its inception in A1 Coaching has mentored over 4000 riders to help them improve the quality of their bike riding and achieve specific targets in racing and sportive riding.

A1 Coaching boss Anthony Walsh has seen over 92% of his clients achieve their goals using his programmes which, rooted in science, draw inspiration from cycling’s rich heritage.

Now he is bringing A1 Coaching expertise to help entrants to the Wicklow 200 and Wicklow 100 challenge events on June 11th.

A1 Coaching will provide training plans for riders targeting each of these events which focus on the specific demands of each ride. The training plans take into account the duration of each ride, the nature of the terrain and the time constraints of the typical bike rider.

One of the country’s top racing cyclists, Walsh and his coaching team are based in and around Wicklow and routinely use many of the hills and roads used in the Wicklow 200/100 as part of their own training regimes.

“These roads are some of the toughest and most famous in Irish cycling and we’re on them every week,” said Walsh. “It’s an honour to be able to bring our experience to the entrants of one of Ireland’s most prestigious annual cycling events. 

“Many of us in the A1 Coaching community have ridden the Wicklow 200 or Wicklow 100 events in the past and it’s a goal for many of our current clients. 

“200km around those roads is not to be sneezed at. It takes careful planning, massive commitment and a clear understanding of the demands of the event to get around safely. The Wicklow 100 is shorter but is far from short, especially given the hills involved and any rider contemplating either event needs to know what they’re taking on.  

“Our plans will help make the day that much more enjoyable for all.” 

Wicklow 200 event organiser Alan Heary is looking forward to the new association with one of cycling’s fastest growing coaching services: “A1 Coaching has proven its worth by helping cyclists to hit their goals from weekend riders to top international racers.

“With 12 weeks to go to the big day, we are delighted to be able to offer a detailed and structured training plan for riders of our events as they begin to focus on their big challenge.” 

Training plans will be sent shortly after registration for new entrants.

(If you’ve already entered, training plans will be sent out to you next week.)