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blonde female Cyclist safety helmet during the start of the cycling race

Mental Preparation – Utilise Pre-event nerves

In the first of this series, Alan Heary explained the importance of mental preparation for your cycling and the practical ways you can achieve the right mindset through goal setting. In this instalment, Alan details practical ways a rider can utilise pre-event nerves…   How can a cyclist tackle or utilise pre-event nerves? Pre-event nerves can be


Fundamentals – Cornering

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just coming to the bike, good technique makes bike events so much safer and less stressful. In this Cycling Fundamentals post, we focus on getting through the bends…. Cornering Heading into the cycling season after the winter training, it can sometimes be a shock to the system when you


Mental Preparation – Goal Setting

  Here in the first of a series, Alan Heary details the importance of mental preparation for your cycling and the practical ways you can achieve the right mindset.   Why is mental preparation just as important as physical? What we think has a direct effect on our physical sensations. In fact research has shown that the nervous


Group Training – The Value

Why cycle in a group? The Wicklow 200 is a solo event, after all, albeit one ridden in the company of 3000 friends. Many riders are attracted to cycling and to challenge events because they like the solitude of the countryside and the peace that a long spin immersed in their thoughts offers as they

Wicklow 200

Pain over the Kneecap While Cycling – Karen doyle

There are many types and causes of knee pain. Knee pain is thought to constitiute 41% of chronic cycling injuries. In this article I review the causes of pain directly over the kneecap which is made worse by cycling. You may have heard of the terms patallofemoral pain (PFP), chondromalacia patellae or runners knee which

Foam Rolling & Self-Massage – Karen Doyle

Massage has been shown to help with recovery rates after training and competition when compared with just resting and as the miles creep up in training for Wicklow 100/200 a massage may be just what your legs need. Work, training and family commitments often mean people can’t get in for a sports massage as often

Training tips for the Wicklow 200 by Joe Conway

This advice is aimed at the inexperienced cyclist who may have taken up serious cycling in the past two years and has not yet completed a Wicklow 200.