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Let the Sun Shine! Extra Daylight = More Road Time

Now is the time to reap your reward. You’ve put the ‘hard yards in’ over the winter, going out in all weathers and, failing that, churning out the watts through a sauna fog of sweat on your home trainer. The kilometres have been carefully accumulated, the strength maintained and, perhaps, enhanced as the training starts

Indoor Training – The Perfect Set Up

Only a fool learns by his own mistakes, as General Von Bismark once so sagely put it, or as we like to say, we’ve already figured this stuff out so you don’t have to. Here’s the ideal turbo set up that will have you scampering across the hall to interval heaven every second evening. There


You asked our expert coach Paddy Doran from Peak Endurance Coaching and he’s answered. In a varied career, Doran has coached everyone from top professional racing cyclists to ‘weekend warriors’ challenging themselves to finish the course. With just under five weeks to go to the big day, here’s Paddy’s take on the two most popular

Descending Hills Safely

Paddy Doran, cycling coach with Peak Endurance Coaching shares his tips for safe descending.   Cycling Sportives Every weekend there are countless legions of riders have the opportunity to challenge themselves any one of thousands of exciting cycling sportive promoted throughout Europe and beyond. Sportives, Sportifs, Gran Fondos, call them what you will, they are

RIDER STORIES – Ruairi White, 2014

In the latest of our Rider Stories, Ruairi White of Clontarf CC recalls his epic first encounter with Ireland’s toughest one-day bike ride. White, like so many, has rediscovered the joys of bike riding after a long absence and has found his motivation for the world’s greatest sport fully replenished by his years away. He needed

RIDER STORIES – Stephen McNally, 1983

In the first of a regular series, we hear from riders who have ridden Ireland’s longest running mass participation bike ride. Here Stephen McNally shares his experience of the 1983 Wicklow 200.   Stephen McNally is a lifelong cyclist who performed with distinction on the local racing scene as a junior and again in a

Recovering from A Long Bike Ride

Recovery is something that is just as important as the training or events that you complete. Taking a day off, stretching, doing a cool down, eating or drinking enough should be a part of your training regime. – Sasha Maguire   This has been said before, nutrition is key to your performance, particularly for after your


Part of the ‘How To Endure Long Rides’ series, Sasha Maguire outlines the basics to ensure you maximise your potential on the big day. HYDRATION Water is a vital component to cell health in the body. Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water and we need to be hydrated during the day. This

Carb Loading – Eating for Glory

In the first of a ‘How To Endure Long Rides’ series, Sasha Maguire outlines the basics to ensure you maximise your potential on the big day. Carb Loading Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy to the body and they are vital to pre-event preparations. ‘Carbo-loading’ became a very popular term in the 90s and

Mental Preparation – Recover from a Setback

What is the most effective way to recover from a setback such as an accident, injury or failure? If you’re an avid cyclist you are pretty much guaranteed that you will at some point face a setback. It is important to understand that these setbacks can be a great way for us to learn something