We’re entering a tandem. Do we have to pay two entry fees?

Yes. Each rider must complete an entry form and pay the entry fee.

Is a mountain bike suitable for the Wicklow 200?

While most riders use drop-handlebar road bikes, some ride mountain bikes. The principal drawback of a mountain bike on the Wicklow 200 is the extra road friction due to fat ‘chunky’ tyres.

Can I ride a recumbant? A penny-farthing? A unicycle?

We’ve had them all (except a unicycle), so yes, you can ride what you wish as long as it’s legal on public roads. However, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that your cycle is safe and suitable for the event. The Wicklow 200 is a serious challenge on any cycle, so only attempt it on a cycle that you are confident and safe on.



Can you help me find accommodation?

We don’t provide an accommodation service. Click here for some help on finding accommodation.



How do I enter?

A Link to pay via card will be live when the event opens. For any other methods of paying email:-   wicklow200info@gmail.com

I want to enter more than one rider. Do I have to fill in separate entry forms for each one?

Yes. You must fill in separate entry forms for each rider. You can copy or print as many copies of the form as you need.

Is there a discount for IVCA members?

There is a reduced entry fee of TBA for paid-up insured members of the Irish Veteran Cyclists Association. This reduced entry fee is only available when using a paper entry form. It is not available for entries made via the online entry system.

Can I pay the entry fee in cash?

No, we only accept payment by card via Eventmaster.

How much does it cost to enter?

Early Bird until  mid-April is €55 + booking fee, and after that €70 + booking fee.

Is there a Wicklow 200 jersey this year?

A Yes, there will be an official jersey for the 2019 Wicklow 200. Participants can purchase the jersey and pick up on event day.  Click HERE for purchase details.



Where is the start of the Wicklow 200?

The start and finish of both the Wicklow 200 and the Wicklow 100 Challenge will be at the Bray Emmets GAA Club in Bray. Detailed directions to the start will be published on the website and will be sent to you in the two weeks before the event.

Where and when will the sign-in be?

A To Be Confirmed

What time does the Wicklow 200 start?

The Wicklow 200 and Wicklow Challenge will start at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday 9th June 2019. Bray Emmets GAA Club will be open from 5:30 a.m. onwards.

What is the finishing time?

The finishing checkpoint, back at Bray Emmetts GAA Club, will stay open until 8:00 p.m. on 9th June 2019 so you have up to 13 hours to complete the event.

Is there all-day parking at the start?

Yes, there will be all-day parking available. The organisers of the Wicklow 200 will not accept responsibility for the safety of your car or its contents. Please ensure that you do not leave items of value in your car while it is parked there.

What facilities are available at the start/finish?

In addition to parking, the Bray Emmets GAA Club provides male and female changing rooms, showers, and toilets.

Are there lockers available at the start/finish?

No, there are no lockers or secure storage facilities available at the start/finish. If you want to leave items at the start/finish you must make your own arrangements (please don’t leave valuables in a parked car all day).



What is the route for the Wicklow 200 and the Wicklow 100 Challenge?

Details of the route for the Wicklow 200 and the Wicklow 100 Challenge are available HERE.

Should I do the Wicklow 200 or the Wicklow 100 Challenge?

The Wicklow 200 is a very challenging event. You should only attempt the full 200km route if you have been training for it for a number of months, and are confident that you know what you are taking on.

What if I want to change my mind after submitting my entry form?

You can change your mind, without telling us, at any time up to the moment on 9th June that you arrive at the point on the route where the Wicklow 200 and Wicklow 100 Challenge divide. The only reason that we ask you which you intend to do is so that we can get an idea of the numbers to cater for along the route.

How will I stay on the correct road on 9th June 2019?

The route of the Wicklow 200 and the Wicklow 100 Challenge is marked on the road at every junction where there is a change of direction along the way. Just follow the road marks and you won’t get lost. Even better, tag along with any gang of riders who seem to know where they’re going!

What road maps cover the route of the Wicklow 200?

The excellent sheet 56 and sheet 62 maps from the Ordnance Survey of Ireland provide full coverage of the Wicklow 200 route. Sheet 56 covers most of the route. Sheet 62 is needed for the most southerly part, including Rathdrum, Glenmalure, Slieve Maan, and Glen of Imaal. They can be bought online from the Ordnance Survey or from any decent bookshop or service station in Ireland. There are many other good maps that cover the same area.

What food and drink will be available along the route?

At each checkpoint each rider will get, Tea, coffee and a Sandwich. Water will also be available. There will also be water point the top of Slieve Maan. Light refreshments will be provided at the finish. Note: This may not be enough food by itself to complete the Wicklow 200! See below for further advice.

What food and drink should I bring with me?

The food provided at the checkpoints may not by itself be sufficient to complete the event. You must make your own arrangements to have enough food for the day’s riding. You should bring plenty of water, and food such as energy bars, sandwiches, fruit cake or other suitable snacks. You should drink plenty of water (particularly if it’s a warm day) so two large bidons, refilled at each checkpoint and water stop, are best. Avoid fizzy drinks. Bring whatever snacks you are used to. The Wicklow 200 is not the best place to experiment with new food items. There are shops along the route at Roundwood, Laragh, Donard, and Rathdrum, but remember that they may not open until later in the day.

What do I do if I have a mechanical or medical emergency along the route?

There will be a Wicklow 200 emergency phone number printed on your control card. Ring that number if you need help. If we can we will try to get someone to assist you. However, you are expected to be able to deal with routine problems, such as punctures, yourself. Please remember that the Wicklow 200 is spread over a very large area so it may be some time before help can arrive, particularly if our teams are helping someone else when you call.



Are there any prizes?

There are no prizes except your own sense of achievement. Every rider will receive a medal upon completion of the Wicklow 200 or Wicklow 100 Challenge. Your medal will be handed to you as soon as you check in at the finish.

Who organises the Wicklow 200?

The Wicklow 200 has been organised every year since 1982 by the Irish Veteran Cyclists Association.

My spouse/partner/family/friend will be with me but won’t be riding. Can they give a hand at the start?

Of course. We’re always looking for people to help for a couple of hours at the start. Just contact wicklow200info@gmail.com.

Have you any other tips for riding the Wicklow 200?

Yes, please ride safely and with care. The Wicklow 200 is not a race. You must obey the rules of the road, and you must show consideration for other cyclists and other road users. Every year there are some accidents, usually caused by careless or thoughtless riding, and frequently on downhill sections of the route. Please take care, and encourage riders around you to do so too.