Sasha Maguire Bio

Hello my name is Sasha Maguire, and my area of interest is Strength and Conditioning in endurance sports. I recently graduated from UCD and completed a Bachelors of Science in Sport and Exercise Management. Over the last eight months I have been working as an intern with the High Performance team in UCD as an assistant strength and conditioning coach. I was thrown into an elite environment with teams from different sports. I have worked with some of the following teams; UCD Sailing, UCD Men’s and Ladies boat club, UCD Women’s First hockey team, UCD Men’s first hockey, Irish ladies hockey team, UCD J1 Rugby team and the UCD Waves team (football).

I have developed a real passion for improving physical performance in sport and I aim to pursue a career in Strength and Conditioning. I have also recently been accepted to attend the University of Edinburgh and study the Masters in Strength and Conditioning.

Personally I have taken part in a variety of sports for most of my teenage and adult life. I used to be a member of East Coast Martial Arts which was a Kenpo Karate club. I trained as a student and moved up to become a coach. I graded as a first dan black belt, and remain to be the only female member to achieve this. These days, I am an active member of Pirahna Tri Club and plan to start racing this year. I regularly tale part in half marathon races and completed the Dublin Marathon in 2013.

I am very excited to be working with the Wicklow 200 team and I want to produce simple, good quality advice about cycling from different abilities. I want to write about the lead up to the race, during and the aftermath of the race. I hope you enjoy these blogs and I am still learning and eager to broaden my knowledge in the process.