Energy for Event Day

By Larrissa Curvelo, Dietitian Specialist in Clinical and Sport Nutrition and in association with Cycle Superstore A balanced diet is the foundation for good cycling health and fitness. There is an array of energy foods and drinks on the market for cyclists to take before, during and after cycling. Energy Gel An energy gel is

Wicklow 200 Cut-off Times

To ensure everyone completes a safe and enjoyable event this year at Wicklow 200, we have some important cut-off time information for you to make a note of. Cut-offs are times and locations where you will need to change your planned route if you arrive late to a certain location. They are there so that

Registration Times

Before you start Wicklow 200, you will need to pick up your pack at registration. Registration is available at these times and locations: Cycle Superstore (D24 AW96) Friday 10th June: 4pm to 7.30pm Saturday 11th June: 10am to 3pm Bray Emmets GAA Club (A98 NP03) Sunday 12th June: 5:30am to 6:30am sharp Please note, that

Cleaning Your Kit

In association with Cycle Superstore Cycling clothing is every cyclist’s best friend. It keeps you warm during those cold winter cycles and keeps you cool during the summer months. It is made of high-performance fabric and is designed to channel moisture away from your skin. When it comes to washing your cycling kit – treat

What to Wear on Event Day

In association with Cycle Superstore The big day has arrived, you’ve put the training in – but what should you wear on the day itself? Think of your cycling outfit like an onion (layer upon layer but hopefully without the eyes watering!). First layer is your base layer worn tightly next to your skin all

Saddle Bag Essentials

In association with Cycle Superstore You have reached the start line of the Wicklow 200, but what should you pack in your saddle bag? Spare Tubes X 2 Always check the condition of your spare tubes. There is nothing worse than picking up a puncture only to discover the replacement tube has a tear or

Bike Maintenance for Event Day

In association with Cycle Superstore You’ve clocked up all those training kilometres only to be let down on the day by a mechanical failure. Most mechanical failures are easily preventable by some simple bicycle maintenance. Keep it clean. A clean bike is a fast bike and is the foundation for completing the event. Dirt and

7 things you should be doing now to prepare for Wicklow 200 in June

Former pro-cyclist Ronan McLaughlin of Panache Coaching gives us some expert advice on how to get ready for Wicklow 200 Create a training plan – and stick to it! It can be very helpful to have some structure and guidance leading towards an event like the Wicklow 200. A training plan takes the guesswork out

Event Update February 2022

We are delighted to announce that Wicklow 200 will be going ahead on 12th June 2022. Registered participants will be automatically transferred to Wicklow 200 2022. The 2022 event is now sold out, but you can sign up to our waiting list via the link on our home page or here. We’d like to thank

Spring Bike Maintenance

If your bike has been locked away in the shed for the winter or has only been out for a few winter spins, it’s time to give it a little TLC and a spring clean. Cleaning Your Bike A lot of dirt can be collected on a bike after the winter weather. Give your bike